Measure, monitor and forecast air quality impact in real-time
MIMAire is our proven, state-of-the-art technology solution, using artificial intelligence (AI) principles, for emissions and quality management.
MiMaire product devices

Manage and supervise your emissions

Forecasting model for an overview of air quality and effectiveness in emissions management, allowing to analyze hotspots
Support emission control and regulatory compliance
Customized and automatable reports tailored to your needs
Identify environmental hotspots generated by the productive processes
Integrate information management tools
MIMaire solution
MIMaire solution
Prevent and minimize critical air quality events 
Our software uses AI to predict the impact on air quality up to 72 hours in advance.
It enables the development of a tailored and reliable sustainability plan
The constant collection of information from the various sources allows continuous and projective data to be obtained
Reduces risks in critical events of air quality events
The best prediction model for every situation: Statistical, Neural, Numerical


predicts benefit


Up to 72 hours against the concentration of different hazardous compounds

controls benefit


Minimize critical events generated by productive processes

plans benefit


Develop a reliable sustainability impact based on real-time information.

achieves benefit


Support regulatory compliance and environmental commitments

optimizes benefit


Predict up to 72 hours the concentration of different pollutants

impacts benefit


Improves the relationship between your company and its communities

cost efficient benefit

Cost efficient

Reduces operating costs related to pollution control

integrates benefit


Integrates information management tools

Success Story

Air quality mining operations

Since 2020 and to date, MIMAire provides air quality and meteorology forecasts for Angloamerican’s Chagres Smelter operations. The forecasts come from three simultaneous models and project up to 72 hours.

Customized dashboards for operators and environmental managers

Map with pollutant dispersión

Alerts with forecasted events for each day.

3 main views: extended forecast for critical stations, synoptic information and forecast detail by model.

Weather and air quality stations

Forecasting models

Hours in advance in forecasting


Dr Luis Díaz Robles - General Director Partículas

“Our experience with MIMAsoft has been excellent, for it counts with professionals of the utmost capacity and lucidity, in orden to confront the greatest tasks, both technological as well as those related to environmental management in an integral way

MIMAire is a proven, state-of-the-art technology platform based on artificial intelligence for the comprehensive management of emissions and air quality.

MIMAire is translated with this great question: How to know the air quality forecast before a crisis occurs? MIMASOFT and PARTICULAS have come together to develop, implement and operate the best air quality management information system”.

Dr. Luis Díaz Robles

General Director – Particles

Luis Quezada Perez - Angloamerican Environmental specialist

“The interaction with the team has kept communication channels open and fast. To date, we have a friendly and clear platform in the way of delivering the necessary information, to be able to visualize the different forecast conditions defined as a whole for air quality.

What I like the most is the development of the platform, which adjusts to the needs and recommendations of the different areas that have participated in the development, as well as the flexibility to be modified according to the requirements that are presented”.

Luis Quezada Pérez

Environmental Specialist – Chagres

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