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Recollect, save and interpret all levels of environmental noise and acoustic vibrations

MIMAcústico allows to monitor noise pollution and vibrations in real-time and improve information management.

MIMacustico product devices

Measure and monitor
in real-time

Detailed insight into your company’s noise and vibration levels in one platform.

Integrates ​our monitoring stations, instruments and sensors

Flexible, programable, and customizable ​reports

Connects​ your systems in place

MIMacustico solution
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Integrated algorithm

Our software allows the calculation of different descriptions of noise and vibration levels, tied to different flexible time variables

Analysis of key indicators and ​geolocalization

Descriptor calculation​ for various frequency levels

New data on a minute-by-minute basis

Customizable KPIs

MIMAcústico allows you to identify hotspots in your processes, delivers key information for relevant decision making and information management.

Definition of alerts for critical and geo-referenced scenarios

Consultation of historical information and evidence

Download consolidated data in different formats

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reports benefit


Tailor-made and automated reports according to your needs

indicators benefit


Determine hotspots within your noise level and take control

cost efficient benefit

Cost Efficient

Reduce your expenses on external consultation and avoid shutdowns

alerts benefit


Avoid risks of regulatory non-compliance

commitment benefit


Regulate the local regulations permits and community commitments

impacts benefit


Increase the value of your business through sustainable development

support benefit


Training and continuous support throughout the whole process

optimizes benefit


Improve the information management process

Success Story

Interregional monitoring network for the Chilean Ministry of Environment

MIMAcústico has been enabled to facilitate access and interpretation of data collected in a continuous monitoring of noise levels in 3 main regions of  Chile.

Interregional monitoring network: Valparaíso, Metropolitana and Bío-Bío

Integration with monitoring tools

Customized reports & dashboards

Personalized Alerts





Monitoring Stations


pH data collected

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Manage all the sustainability
information in a single tool

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Measure, monitor and forecast the impact on air quality in real-time

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Measure, monitor and manage the water footprint of your company’s activities.

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